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Tom and Arlene,

First of all, thank you again for such an amazing evening! I  am usually  very skeptical of en masse investigations but wow, it was great fun and there was plenty  of evidence to be experience and shared. 

 This is Vickie who was accompanied by my stepson, Zach.  We both had an awesome time ghost hunting and it very nice to meet you all.  We look forward to hearing the EVPs.

 we just wanted to tell you what fun we had and she was freaked out in a great  

way.  she has some sort of a preception with other worldly things and now we  

have proof,  thanks for a great time.  

Thanks for a fun evening!

 We had a great time  on the 27th of Oct. It was very interesting to use the tools of the trade & to have you explain what each tool is used for.
Thanks for the great night!


I am very excited to hear and see what you may have found!

Thank you for letting us be apart of this investigation It was great fun!


I had an awesome time at the investigation, and I will send anything I capture to you. Thank you for a great experience,

We had a great time we will go again.


Just wanted to say thanks for a fun night!  I was the one who brought my own dousing rods.  Please tell Arlene thank you as well and it was great fun chatting with her! Hope to see you guys again!  

In regard to Publick House:


Just wanted to say thank you for a great time last night!! My neighbors and I had so much fun!!!! 

Looking forward in our next hunt!!